Annual Conference and Youth

For 2018-2019, I had the opportunity to learn from youth on what their traditions were on the events that they planned for other youth in the conference. One of the key pieces I like to do is to hear what is being said and write a master list or plan, so that others can know by reading at-a-glance of what the plan has been in the past.

Here’s what I learned about Annual Conference for May 2019. What is it the youth were interested in and designed the spaces that they had remembered from before. I’m putting it here for the files.

Annual Conference Schedule


  • AM – CCYM Meeting
  • 1:30 Time for Sponsors, Youth Observers, and District Youth Representatives to Come
  • 1:30 Registration for All Time Check Into Hotel
  • Wednesday Orientation Session
  • Transportatio for UMM Dinner
  • 5pm United Methodist Men Dinner
  • 7pm Opening worship Service
  • Wednesday Night Activities by AC Team


  • 8:30 -12:00 Annual Conference Session
  • Booth Schedule
  • 1:30 – 4:30 Annual Conference Session
  • 7pm – Memorial Service
  • 9pm – Thursday Night Youth Worship Afterparty –  Task Force


  • 7:30am – Arrive to lead worship
  • 8:15 – 8:45am Youth-led Worship Service (30 minutes)
  • 8:45am – 12:00 Annual Conference Session
  • Booth Schedule
  • 12:00pm – Host Youth and Campus Ministry Lunch
  • 1:30pm – 5:00pm Annual Conference Session
  • 7pm – Ordination Service
  • 9pm – Senior Send off


  • 7am – Therefore Go 5K
  • 8:30am -12:00pm Annual Conference Session
  • Booth Schedule
  • 12noon – Pick up location for parents


Registration:  come as District Youth Representatives, Youth Observer (Guest), or Lay Representatives from local church.

Lodging – Capitol Plaza Hotel, reserved months ahead of time through AC Staff


  • Wednesday Dinner – UMM Scholarship Dinner
  • Thursday Lunch – Mission Partnership Lunch
  • Thursday Dinner – Small Groups on site
  • Friday Lunch – Youth and Campus Ministry
  • Friday Dinner – Small groups on site

Wednesday Orientation Activities by CCYM AC Team 

  • Testimony of own experience at Annual Conference (presentation-style)
  • A Fun Mini- Session on Parliamentary Procedure
  • Petitions, resolutions, Orientation and expectations
  • Participate in the AC Process instead of just observe

Wednesday Night Activities by CCYM AC Team – Capitol Plaza Hotel

  • Icebreakers, Games
  • Conference Trivia Game
  • UMCOR School Kits packing at the end – Will can help set up. UMCOR School Kits to Pack (135 of them and load on UMCOR Truck)
  • 1 major game and others around it, possibly stations

Thursday Night Activities by CCYM AC Team – Capitol Plaza Hotel

  • Amp it Up Band for Jam Session/Worship
  • Campus Ministries and Interns Visi

Friday Morning Worship – have the most youth involved without being awkward

Scripture Theme: Call to serve others, especially the poor.

Order of Worship:

  • Welcome –
  • Opening Prayer
  • 2 Songs
  • Message
  • YSF Offering
  • 1 Offering Song
  • Closing Song

Friday Lunch

Sit by district, explain what CCYM, District Youth Representatives, Campus Min, youth testimony, campus ministry testimony, (From Youth task force: Campus Ministries to share what its like to live in campus ministry, how different than high school, what encourages other people to be part of it)

  • Sit by District – Hosting
  • Greeting
  • Opening Prayer
  • Youth Testimony
  • Campus Ministry Testimony
  • Recognition of District Leaders, CCYM, Campus Ministers
  • Dismiss with Blessing

Devotions by CCYM Task Force –Written out devotions. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, need 6 devotions. Task force member in each small group. Task force member leads a small group session each time.

Booth – AC Team set up. What’s the purpose of the booth? What want to share?

  • TV with CCYM slide show and a laptop
  • Youth Ministry swag, CCYM buttons, Blue Backdrop to bring,
  • CCYM fliers
  • YSF fliers
  • District Youth Coordinators Names & List
  • Youth ministry swag

Sponsors – Names and expectations.

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