A Page on Communicating Change in the Church

Is your congregation going through a transition? How will you communicate about this transition?  It could be financial, leadership, or a way to move forward on something to get from here to there.

3 Key Thoughts on Change to remember in this time:

  • Pair urgency & hope together – No need to alarm, but bring to awareness.
  • What would give this community hope? That is the key question to name as faith people.
  • 4 questions people ask when there is Change:. 
  • Why? 
  • What will it look or feel like?
  • Will there be a place for me or us?
  • What is the plan?

Process for Communicating Change:

Connect it with the past meeting or something people know.

                I wanted to give you a recap of the previous meeting, here were our points of discussion.

Name who you have discussed this in-depth with previously. You are not alone in leadership. What lay leadership teams have you shared this vision with already and what was their feedback?

After the Church Council /Finance meeting, we want to share this information with you.

Name the realities.

                Share data that you need to share, succinctly with the intended recipients. 

  • Key Leadership Team whom you have already discussed this with: In-depth Information
    • Leadership Teams and Members: Thorough amount of information
    • At-large attenders: A few sentences
    • Unaffiliated: A few sentences, if asked

Name the possibilities.

Provide hope and possibilities of next steps based on this reality. What teams are doing what next to help provide options. Name what is hopeful in addressing the reality.

Name the plan.

                What is proposed going forward?  Walk the receiver through the steps that will happen next.

Encourage Action.

What do you want done with the information that you just shared?

What is the part you want the receiver to play?  What is the next step?

Thank you.

Thank the receiver for their involvement and commitment.  Help them to see they are a part of the hopeful outcome. Direct any questions or comments to the person writing the letter and the best way to communicate with that person.

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