Thank You Puns for Teacher Gifts

Extra–Have an extra special Christmas.

Mint–Thank you for your AchieveMINT, CommitMINT, InvestMINT, InvolveMINT

Jolly Ranchers–Have a holly jolly Christmas.

Red and Green M&Ms in Cellphanebags–Lots of love at Christmas

Hand Sanitizer–We wash you a merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to a scentsational teacher!

Skittles–You bring color to the world more than you know.

Starbursts-How this helps brighten your day! You’re the star of ourschool!

M&Ms–Much and many thanks for all you do. We really appreciate you!

Reeses–Have I told you ‘reese’-ently you’re so wonderful to work with!

Junior Mint–I ‘mint’ to tell you how much I appreciate you.

Mentos–‘Mento’ tell you Thanks for being an awesome teacher.

Certs–I am most ‘cert’ainly thankful for you.

Tootsie Roll–Thanks for the roll you play each day.

Post it Notes–Take note, we think you’re awesome.

Popcorn–Popping in to say thanks for being a wonderful teacher

Nuts–We’re nuts about our teachers.

Animal Crackers–This place would be a zoo without you.

Hugs–Teacher’s can’t live on apples alone, they need hugs too.

NutriGrainBar–For all you give, for all you do, this morning treat is just for you.

Milky Way–Wethink you’re out of this world.

Pudding–Thanks for pudding your heart into teaching.

Burts Bees–Thanks for being such a great teacher. You’re the balm.

Candle–You’re a scentsational teacher.

Tumblers–Thank you for quenching our thirst for knowledge!

Orange Chocolate, Ice, Candle, Sanitizer, TicTacks, Gum–Orange you glad its almost summer?

Basket of Sunshine–Thank you for brightening the mind and heart of our child this year.

Donuts–Thank you! We ‘donut’ know what we would do without you!

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