5 Steps to Invite Someone to Something

A story on how someone finally sparked or finally engaged happened in a defined process — so much that I had to write it down because I was amazed at the steps I went through to get engaged.  I found whether its signing up for an exercise class, coming to church for the first time in a while, or being a part of working team, I follow the same process. Here are my steps that I identified that I have to get onboard:

  • Step 1: Hear about it 7-10 times through social media, articles, information, in passing 
  • Step 2: Say in passing to someone that I know that is connected with it that I have seen their posts/involvement
  • Step 3:  Receive an invitation from someone that I know to come 
  • Step 4:  Have an easy onboarding, low commitment, try it out on-ramp to the experience
  • Step 5: Go to the experience and be introduced to another person who I don’t previously know 
  • Decision Time: Make a decision if I want to do it again. If so, how easy is it to make a decision.   

For me, remembering that I may be someone’s 7-10 times of posting, and to be aware of invitation moments if someone brings it up or was intentionally invited by someone. It makes me think: What am I promoting? Who am I intentionally inviting to participate? What am I inviting them to?  What are easy ways to get involved?  

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