5 Steps to Invite Someone to Something

A story on how someone finally sparked or finally engaged happened in a defined process — so much that I had to write it down because I was amazed at the steps I went through to get engaged.  I found whether its signing up for an exercise class, coming to church for the first time in a while, or being a part of working team, I follow the same process. Here are my steps that I identified that I have to get onboard: Step 1: Hear about it 7-10 times through social media, articles, information, in passing  Step 2: Say in passing to someone … Continue reading 5 Steps to Invite Someone to Something

2 Timothy Devotional

2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18 4:6 As for me, I am already being poured out as a libation, and the time of my departure has come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. From now on there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have longed for his appearing…At my first defense no one came to my support, but all deserted me. May it not be counted against them! … Continue reading 2 Timothy Devotional

A Page on Faith Get to Know You Questions

It is good to share a meal and get to know one another more.  I kept thinking about what I would want to know about people in the group, what we had in common, and ways to ‘break the ice’ into deeper conversation. In thinking about it more,I came up with 5 Questions to discover with people in the group by the end of the time together.  So, the hope is not to answer this all in one session in a programmatic way instead casually find out the answers to these questions from each person throughout the many times we meet. … Continue reading A Page on Faith Get to Know You Questions

A Page on Communicating Change in the Church

Is your congregation going through a transition? How will you communicate about this transition?  It could be financial, leadership, or a way to move forward on something to get from here to there. 3 Key Thoughts on Change to remember in this time: Pair urgency & hope together – No need to alarm, but bring to awareness. What would give this community hope? That is the key question to name as faith people. 4 questions people ask when there is Change:.  Why?  What will it look or feel like? Will there be a place for me or us? What is … Continue reading A Page on Communicating Change in the Church

A Page on 10 Ways to Pray on Any Given Day

1. Blank Page – Prayer of Praise 2. The Collect – one subject Address Attribution – What about God makes this an appropriate request? Petition- What are we asking of God?  Purpose – Why are we asking for this? Closing 3. Praying Scripture Changing the nouns and pronouns 4. Lectio Divina 5. Sentence Prayers Vigorous Verbs Collective Pronouns 6. Multi-Subject Prayers             Adoration             Confession             Thanksgiving             Supplication 7. Prayer Crafting 8. Body Prayer 9. Mealtime Prayers 10. Breath Prayers and/or Establishing a prayer place Continue reading A Page on 10 Ways to Pray on Any Given Day

A Page on Prayers focusing on Jesus’ life

Prayer #1  “God, you are loving. In the events of this last day of Jesus’ life, and his death on the cross, you have shown us the depth of your love in a way that we can barely understand or imagine. That love strengthens and sustains us, even when life becomes overwhelmed with to-do lists and weighed down with cares. You poured out that love so freely, Lord, and with it you provide everything we could ever need.”     Prayer #2  “God, we pause now, and we recognize that you love us. Open our hearts, when we consider Jesus’ life and … Continue reading A Page on Prayers focusing on Jesus’ life

Prayers of Place

Litany of Thanksgiving   Blessed be the name of God,   Whose Word has long been proclaimed within this hallowed place.   We give you thanks, O God.   As generations have prayed their prayers and sung your praises here,   your Spirit has blessed countless worshipers.   We give you thanks, O God.   We have celebrated the Lord’s Supper here   And been nurtured by it through our journey in faith.   We give you thanks, O God.   We have rejoiced here as believers have confessed faith in Christ.   Here we have baptized our children and mourned our dead.   We give you thanks, O God.   As new … Continue reading Prayers of Place