My Grandpa’s Memorial

In February, I spent the last week of my grandfather’s life with my grandmother, mom, sister and aunt. During the time of caring for his last days, I had some time to put some thoughts together about my grandfather’s life. I shared this at his memorial service. Here it is in one page. John Heider, was my grandpa and grandpa to Erica, Courtney, Drew and Brett. He was father to Sandy, Johnny, Gail and Carol. A father-in-law to Fred, Terry and Dave. A brother to Don and Jim, JoAnn and Susan. And devoted husband to Grandma. Born in New Jersey, … Continue reading My Grandpa’s Memorial

Holy Week: Wednesday Devotional

Today is the Wednesday of Holy Week. Wednesdays are usually days in which I think about the weekend plans and see what to look forward to in the days ahead. This week, we look to Easter. We pause in our calendar to put aside this week as a Holy Week, a time to remember who we serve as Christians and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, before we get to the Easter egg hunts, the family dinners and the celebration with flowers and nice dresses, we walk through this week.  We hear the story again of the … Continue reading Holy Week: Wednesday Devotional

Annual Conference and Youth

For 2018-2019, I had the opportunity to learn from youth on what their traditions were on the events that they planned for other youth in the conference. One of the key pieces I like to do is to hear what is being said and write a master list or plan, so that others can know by reading at-a-glance of what the plan has been in the past. Here’s what I learned about Annual Conference for May 2019. What is it the youth were interested in and designed the spaces that they had remembered from before. I’m putting it here for … Continue reading Annual Conference and Youth

Best Order of Worship

This past spring I had the honor to go to worship with 120 students and young adults at Baker University for the weekly chapel. The 30-40 minute worship service was  a pattern I wanted to remember. It was a quick pace, flowed nicely, ushered in the Holy Spirit and experience God in an efficient, clear and helpful way. While there was a student band and student leadership, it was a common rhythm that encouraged and inspired me. Here it is: Greeting Call to Worship 2 Songs Prayer/Lord’s Prayer Prayer Response Song Scripture Reading (read by student) Special Music (shared by … Continue reading Best Order of Worship

Thoughts from You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The quotes from Sincero’s book captured thoughts and put them into words, creating a beautiful kick in the pants to do what you’ve always wanted to do. So much information about ‘calling’ and ‘vocation’ but this is about dreams, any dreams, making decisions, barriers that get in the way and the inspiration to make your mark on the world. Thanks, sister, for handing me this book and saying “This is what I want to say to you!” Message received. Check out these quotes to inspire you to read more . Quotes about Faith & Dreams The moment you have the … Continue reading Thoughts from You are a Badass by Jen Sincero